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Jul 10, 2023

On this episode of the Cohere podcast, co-hosts Bill Johnston and Dr. Lauren Vargas dive deep into AI ethics with Mihaela Vorvoreanu, Director of UX Research and RAI Education for Microsoft's Aether. The conversation primarily focuses on "appropriate trust" in AI, emphasizing the need for accountability in AI systems. Vorvoreanu boldly challenges listeners to rethink Large Language Models (LLMs) not merely as information retrieval systems but as systems of fabrication. She further confronts the exaggerated notion of AI as super capable and superhuman, shedding light on the common errors made by LLM-based systems and the implications for users. This episode offers invaluable perspectives on AI ethics, vigorously questioning the hyperbole surrounding AI and making the field more comprehensible to a broader audience.

In this episode, we discuss the following: 
[2:00] Introducing Mihaela VorVoreanu, PhD and Aether, Microsoft’s initiative for AI Ethics and Effects in Engineering and Research
[8:00] Discussing the concept of responsible AI
[11:44] Challenging terms such as “hallucinogenic”
[12:24] Reframing LLMs as systems of fabrication
[30:48] Sharing information about the direction of Aether’s research 

Mentioned in this episode:

About our guest(s): 
In her current role, Mihaela leads research and education aimed at advancing the practice of RAI.

Before joining Microsoft, she had an accomplished academic career, most recently at Purdue University, where she established and led the undergraduate and graduate UX Design and research programs. 

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