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Aug 27, 2020

In this episode of the Cohere podcast, I speak with Will Roberts, a data scientist at IBM, about the implications of data science and AI for online communities.

Will and I talk through:

  • A definition of AI / ML
  • How machine learning is being applied in the enterprise
  • More specifically, how ML & AI are / might be applied to customer experience generally, and community experiences specifically
  • How we might use community data for models (and analytics)
  • What the key opportunities and risks are for leveraging ML
  • Will's advice on how the community team might approach and partner with a data scientist in their organization

This episode is a complimentary conversation to our ongoing AI & Community research at Structure3C.

You can find Will online:
The IBM Data Science Community
Will's Data Science Podcast

Last, but not least, more info about the awesome Ian Banks Culture series Will mentions: