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Apr 28, 2023

In this episode, Bill and Lauren engage chat with esteemed customer experience analyst and researcher Esteban Kolsky. They delve into the complex world of customer experience, discussing the importance of community, the hype around generative AI, and how to sift through the noise to identify critical signals, trends, and patterns. This conversation highlights what is needed to develop the mindset required for staying attuned to what matters in a constantly evolving customer experience landscape.

Memorable Quote: “Organizations still have the idea that communities need to be managed and created by the organization. Mm-hmm. They don't understand the communities. They don't understand independent communities. They don't understand, even if they understand that they exist, they don't know what to do with information and with the people in there.”

In this episode, we discuss: 

  • [16:03] The Role of Community in Customer Experience

  • [25:00] Generative AI: Cutting Through the Hype

  • [44:20] Navigating Through the Noise


Mentioned in this episode: 

About our guest(s): 

With an impressive 30-year career in enterprise technology, Esteban Kolsy has done it all - from entry-level positions to executive roles. He's a veteran in the field, boasting 20 years of experience as an analyst and influencer. Having recently taken a step back from his role as a vendor executive, Esteban is now contemplating one more orbit later this year. 



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