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Mar 12, 2024

In the latest thought-provoking episode of Cohere, hosts Bill Johnston and Dr. Lauren Vargas welcome two distinguished and returning guests. First up, we have Dr. Sharon Varney, a dynamic force in the realm of leadership and organizational development. With a rich background spanning complex organizations across manufacturing, utilities, travel, banking, oil and gas, Sharon's encounter with complexity theory in the early 2000s sparked a profound shift in her approach to leadership and change practice. Her academic journey, combined with her hands-on experience, has led to groundbreaking work in leadership and organizational development across various sectors. Sharon is also closely associated with Henley Business School, where she continues to advance the intersection of academia and practical application. Her book, ‘Leadership in Complexity and Change,’ draws from her award-winning doctoral research and offers a hopeful, practical guide backed by a robust academic foundation.

Joining Sharon, we have John Hovell, a visionary leader at the intersection of Knowledge Management (KM) and Organization Development (OD). As the Managing Director and co-founder of STRATactical, John is renowned for his innovative approaches to combining OD and KM strategies to address contemporary challenges. His work on creating conversational leadership through the synergy of Knowledge Management, Organization Development, and Diversity & Inclusion offers fresh insights into how organizations can foster more dynamic and inclusive environments. Today, we're eager to explore the nuances of Organization Development, or OD, and discuss how OD principles can shape community dynamics in a meaningful way.

With Sharon's expertise in navigating the complexities of leadership in changing environments and John's forward-thinking strategies on knowledge management and organizational development, today's episode promises to be a rich tapestry of ideas and insights. So, stay tuned as we dive deep into these fascinating topics, offering you perspectives that are as enlightening as they are practical.

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